NIKE has $$ but no cops to hire. Theft stricken store closed.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

For nearly 40 years the MLK street NIKE store in the middle of a troubled urban Portland stood as a sign of inspiration and progress.   That store may have endured 40 years of challenges but it couldn’t survive the riots (photo: boarded up windows) and the crime wave.   The crime wave brought 276 shoplifting incidences in 2022.   KGW TV reports, “increasingly brazen criminals were seen simply walking out the front door with armloads of merchandise last year.”

So many thefts, the only way to stop it was to have off-duty police who could make on-the-spot arrests.   NIKE, like Apple in Portland a few years ago, sought to hire actual Portland Police Officers to work off-duty in a special third party arrangement.   None could be found as Portland chased away police officers with non-stop public attacks.

During the police bashing Portland riots, NIKE met with protesters who supported defunding police and abolishing prisons.  NIKE hired NFL star Colin Kaepernick, who was famous for cop bashing (he once wore cops are pigs attire).   Now NIKE can’t find police to keep their stores open.

At the same time the MLK Portland store closes, the well-known downtown Seattle NIKE store announced their closing, as they will be relocating outside of Seattle where it is safer.

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