Montana’s $12,500 bonus stealing our healthcare workers?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

• Oregon has 15,000 missing health care workers in the industry.

• One of the larger hospitals in Southern Oregon just closed, laying off hundreds.

Meanwhile, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte is offering health care professionals $12,500 to relocate to his state.

As Montana is luring new nurses with this incentive, Oregon has occupational laws that effectively blocks nurses from other states from easily relocating and resuming employment in the state.

Montana’s Attorney General has been fighting the federal employee vaccine mandate while Oregon has been enacting a vaccine mandate more strict than the national plan.

Montana cut income taxes in 2021 by $50 million while Oregon raised income taxes by the same $50 million in 2021 by raising the rate that family business owners pay on their income taxes.   Oregon also recently renewed a $300 million hospital tax.

Montana’s recruitment program would cover relocation costs and is an attempt to woo needed health care industry employees to the state as Montana struggles to attract and retain health care workers.  Expected to launch at the end of November, the incentive would pay up to $12,500 in relocation expenses plus 35% to cover taxes. To qualify, health care workers must commit to permanently relocating to Montana and be employed at a health care facility for at least 12 consecutive months.

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