What Did the CCP Balloon See?

We are still waiting.

By that I mean that we are still waiting for any information about the Communist Chinese (CCP) balloon finally shot down after a week long journey over some of America’s most sensitive military sites. In fact we are waiting for any statement regarding this intrusion beyond President Joe Biden’s cursory “Don’t worry, we’ve got this” statement last week.

But here is the rub. The entire investigation relating to the incursion of that balloon as well as the other three balloons shot from the sky in its aftermath has been turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – even the investigation into the balloon shot down over Canadian territory. Given the recent history of the number of investigations that the Justice Department and the FBI have made up, buried and otherwise politicized, it is a legitimate concern whether this will be another cover up to protect Mr. Biden given his failures in detecting, preventing and recovering the CCP balloon off the South Carolina seashore.

Thus far there is only one fact that we know within a high degree of certainty and that is that the CCP balloon entered United States territory, transited the State of Alaska, entered the lower forty-eight states over Idaho and made its way to Malstrom Air Force Base just outside of Great Falls, Montana where it lingered over one of the three “missile farms” housing America’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM). The balloon continued its journey undisclosed by the military or Mr. Biden’s administration until it was photographed hovering over Billings, Montana by Chase Doak. Actually, we are taking the word of the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) as to its path even though it has admitted that it was kept in the dark by our foreign and military intelligence services about previous incursions. That admission sets NORAD apart from agencies such as the FBI, the CIA, and the other spy agencies who have apparently made the decision that only they need to know about potential espionage and who have kept that information from previous presidents and the Congress.

Beyond that we have to rely on the word of the Biden Administration and the FBI – both of which routinely lie and withhold evidence in the name of “national security.” And that is the point here.

Apparently, the FBI has now recovered the main body of the CCP instrument package. An article appearing on FOX Weather website a week ago noted:

A large, 30-foot payload from a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon was removed from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off South Caroline on Friday, accord to a U.S. official.

The spy craft’s payload was picked up by a crane ship and a senior defense official told FOX News that important electronics and sensors were removed for intelligence processing.”

So why haven’t we been told anything about it. Well, they found, they recovered it and then they turned it over to the FBI – the single most politically corrupt agency in the country. The information that can be gleaned from examination of the payload will most likely confirm and enhance our understanding of how much damage Mr. Biden and his administration did by inaction in allowing the balloon to transverse the entire continental United States and its sensitive military bases. As a result the FBI is likely to bury the true nature of what is found in the payload through obfuscation, denial and the assertion of “national security.”

What national security is endangered by releasing information about the nature of what is recovered from the payload. Nobody is asking for pictures that the spy balloon took. Nobody is asking for a copy of the electronic surveillance initiated and/or transmitted by the payload. And nobody is asking for a description of the methods and procedures used for recovering the information from the payload. (All of that information should be shared with the appropriate military units – especially NORAD – so that remedial action can be taken to plug the holes in our detection systems. And it should be shared immediately with the appropriate House and Senate committees as a check against bureaucratic usurpation of that to which the public is entitled.)

The information to which we are entitled is quite simple:

  • Over which military and strategic sites did the spy balloon pass.
  • Did the balloon payload record any information (photographs, radar, infrared, or other images of those sites.
  • Did the balloon payload intercept any communications emanating from or delivered to those sites.
  • Were any of those communications intercepted dealing with the military operations of those sites.
  • Did the balloon payload transmit any information it gathered to the CCP including the nature of the information.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list. But while all of this information is of interest to the American public not one element of it relates to our national security. All of it, however, relates to the failure of Mr. Biden, his administrations and the military and intelligence agencies upon which we rely to actually protect us.

So the real question is whether the information will be withheld to protect the politicians and the bureaucrats under the guise of “national security.” The most likely outcome is that we will never know.

So much for the most transparent administration presidency ever. Those were like so many of Mr. Biden’s promises just words on the teleprompter – said once and promptly forgotten.

Raise your hand if you think we are ever going to get a straight answer to any of these questions from Mr. Biden or the FBI.