Idaho submits bill to address Oregon annexation idea

By NW Spotlight

KOIN-TV 6 reports that a bill has been drafted in the Idaho Legislature to address the Oregon Counties voting to stduy leaving Oregon and join Idaho.,

KOIN-TV reports, “After receiving support from 11 eastern Oregon counties, the Greater Idaho movement will finally have its moment in the Idaho legislature….House Joint Memorial 1, which would spark discussions between Oregon and Idaho Legislatures about moving their borders, was introduced to Idaho’s House of Representatives on Wednesday.According to McCaw, Idaho representatives Judy Boyle and Barbara Ehardt were HJM 1’s lead sponsors. Boyle represents Idaho’s ninth district, which is adjacent to the state border…McCaw reported that Boyle cited a study that found that the border movement could mean an additional $170 million for the Idaho government’s annual budget. She added that moving the border would help with the influx of inbound moves to Idaho, some of which are “politically motivated.”  Read more.

The Spokesman Review also notes, “The Idaho Legislature may soon ask its neighbors to the west to join a conversation about absorbing some of its counties.Rep. Judy Boyle, R-Midvale, on Wednesday introduced a joint memorial that would ask the Democrat-dominated Oregon Legislature to discuss the Greater Idaho movement with the Idaho Legislature.The movement seeks to secede eastern Oregon counties from their state and join Republican-led Idaho, which better aligns with their political ideals.“Eastern Oregon has been quite unhappy with their state,” Boyle told the House State Affairs Committee. “Portland seems to be able to run everything there.”