House GOP on Oregon economic forecast, protect Kicker

By Oregon House Republican Caucus,

House Republican Leader Statement on Quarterly Revenue Forecast

SALEM, OR –House Republican Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson (R-Prineville) issued the following statement upon the release of today’s quarterly revenue and economic forecast:
“The quarterly revenue forecast revealed our state’s economy and revenue influx is stable. However, we must not forget the reality Oregonians are experiencing on a daily basis – inflation at a rate of over 8 percent, gas at nearly 4 dollars a gallon, and a dozen eggs which cost even more than that ($5.22).

“The State of Oregon experienced a historic infusion of federal funding, but Oregonians and the Legislature must face the reality that these funds have ended. For the remainder of the 2023 Legislative Session, we must pursue fiscal responsibility which includes leaving our Education Stability Fund (ESF) and rainy-day funds (RDF) alone.

“We must return Oregon’s ‘kicker’ back into the hands of hardworking Oregonians. While my Pendleton friends would say “let er’ buck,” I say “let er’ kick.”

More information about today’s quarterly revenue forecast can be found here: