Cars looted during Portland snow storm

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Robbery is so common in Portland that it doesn’t take time off for a snow storm.

KOIN reports, “Like many, he left his car when he wasn’t able to go any further on the roads because of disabled vehicles. After parking, he started walking through the freezing weather to get home. On Friday, friends went to help him pull his car out from the spot along I-205, when he discovered the passenger window was broken and thieves stole much of what was left inside. Brenda said it looked like they weren’t the only car targeted.“It looked like at least two or three cars left with windows broken out. My husband could see spots where people had come to retrieve their cars and there was broken glass all over the ground,” Brenda said. “They had broken out our window and they stole whatever they could grab out of our car.”

Even a friend we know had his entire vehicle stolen during the snow storm from his own driveway.   Portland’s crime wave means it is creating victims non-stop all year round.   These are real people and real pain being caused.

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