Oregon AG: “Oregonians don’t want thoughts and prayers anymore,”

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, in a press conference with gun control activists and Oregon Governor Tina Kotek, said “Oregonians don’t want thoughts and prayers anymore” 

Clearly, the Oregon Governor and Attorney General do not value prayer, nor mourning, as they try to step above it all with a pledge that big government will do what God and others cannot.   In a way, saying “we don’t want your prayers” is also like saying “we don’t want you to donate canned food to your local homeless shelter anymore” because government has arrived to solve the homeless crisis.   Wow!

Actually, Oregon Governor Tina Kotek and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum could use more thoughts and prayers because they themselves helped oversee one of the biggest crime waves in American history in Oregon (Portland in 2021 was #1 homicide rate increase).    They lack wisdom and guidance that comes from others.


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