Blazers reveal new vegan, beer loving mascot

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Portland Trail Blazer team have revealed their new mascot, Douglas Fur, a kin to Big Foot.

Below is part of the Blazer statement on “douggey” as they call him;

“Keeping himself hidden, Douglas has been living amongst the vast acres of Douglas fir trees in Forest Park and navigating over 80 miles of hiking trails, while naturally blending in with other un-shaven local hikers and explorers camouflaged in true hipster outdoor attire….Douglas, too shy to ever make himself known, decided to fill his days by playing solitaire, eating his favorite vegan dishes, and drinking cold brew. While distracted gathering sap for his latest craft brew creation. Douglas was discovered by Blaze the Trail Cat.”

This is not to be confused with bigfoot who was the Blazer mascot in the 1980s


Not to be confused with Squatch from the old Seattle Supersonics mascot


Do with this information what you will.