Poll: 77% Oregonians oppose outlawing flavored tobacco for adults

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

A new poll of 402 Oregon voters shows overwhelmingly that Oregonians do not support a ban on adults purchasing flavored tobacco products.

You can read the entire poll here.

Roughly 77% of those polled say they oppose a flavor ban when they were asked the question, “The government has already taken important steps to reduce youth tobacco usage by raising the minimum age to buy tobacco to 21 and by educating the public about the risks of using tobacco. Adults 21 and older should have the freedom to make their own informed choices and decide what legal products they can buy.” 77% of all Oregonians agreed. Roughly 73% of Democrats agreed, 80% of indepndents and 78% of Republicans agree. That leaves only a small fraction of Oregonians who support outlawing adults from accessing flavored tobacco products.

About 80% of all Oregonians agree with the statement outlawing a flavored tobacco product would increase the black market, fuel crime, increase arrests and result in an increase in illegal tainted products sickening people. The question was “As the country has seen with alcohol and cannabis prohibition in the past, banning products to influence adult behavior doesn’t work, and instead creates illegal markets that fuel crime, arrests, and people getting sick from tainted products.” 80% of Democrats favored this statement, while 82% of Independents agree and 78% of Republicans agree.

In another question, Oregonians fear the ban will push the youth towards illicit and black market sales.

You can read the entire poll here.