FrankenTax strikes — income tax, business tax hike!

dog-logo-stampFrankenTax strikes — income tax, business tax hike!
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon
The House Committee on Revenue has voted out the FrankenTax SB 925 with all the Democrat lawmakers voting yes and Republican lawmakers voting no for this particular bill. The FrankenTax SB 925 is a highly unconstitutional deceptive tax bill that combines tax increases with tax credits in hopes of cheating the voter approved law requiring 3/5th majority for tax increases.

Oregonians are not fooled!

Senate bill 925 increases both income and business taxes by $60 million. When Oregonians get sticker shock form the tax increase they will know who to blame. Because this tax raises income taxes (by reducing one’s ability to deduct from federal taxes) it could potentially impact a million Oregonians. That is a lot of angry taxpayers.

The bill still can be stopped. Contact your lawmaker and vote NO on SB 925.

Vote No on Sb 925