43% disapprove Gov. Kotek

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


A new DHM poll puts of 500 voters has Oregon Governor Kotek at a 43% negative view.

The Oregonian reports, “More than 40% of Oregonians have a negative view of Gov. Tina Kotek just weeks into her first term, according to a new poll conducted by Portland polling firm DHM Research.Fully 43% of respondents said they had a negative view of Kotek, while just over a third said they had a very or somewhat positive view of the Democratic governor.”

Kotek’s 2-year state budget for calls a whopping 26% increase ($25.4 billion to $32.1 billion) making and continuing as Oregon one of the biggest state governments, per-capita, in America, and yet all that money won’t buy neither results nor popularity.   Too bad the liberal failed experiment will cost Oregonians so much.