Sen. Boquist: Mask rule, CHIPS Act, EV credit crunch

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

— Oregon will lift mask mandate in health care settings on April 3.

— DEQ pausing electric vehicle purchase rebates because program is running out of money. Oregonians need to buy a vehicle by April 30 to qualify for rebate.

— Ted Wheeler claims sweeping homeless camps has “saved lives”. This talking point only works because moving homeless people from highly visible areas is no longer politically incorrect.

— Realtor exits Portland over shot-up office.

— Lawmakers endorse $200 million Oregon CHIPS Act to boost semiconductor businesses

— Oregon has a new registered political party: No Labels.

— OPB reports an Oregon housing package in the legislature leaves existing shelters at risk of closure. “Cities across the state have been trying to get more people off the streets, but now they’re running out of money. In Bend, a new shelter sits empty while others are overcrowded.”

— Oregon may ban TikTok on state-issued phones. This is interesting because it seems so random, but also indicative of the data that is taken from the app and how much of a waste of time it can be.

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