HJR 21 loots people's kicker to spread it around

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Oregon State Representative Ben Bowman has introduced a bill, HJR 21, which would loot the people’s kicker Income Tax refund and into one pot and presumably equalize it out so that each person receives the same portion on a per-capita basis.

This means that a single mom working two jobs who make get a $5,000 Kicker Refund will now get less because the lazy employee who worked only three weeks in the year and got fired for dealing Fentanyl and decided to make most of his money selling drugs will now get as much as the single mom.   Instead of paying back Kicker Income Tax Refund in the amount that people paid into it and overpaid, this new formula just like Socialism, decides to spread it around to everyone regardless of what they contributed to the tax base.

HJR 21 reads, “Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to provide for surplus revenue refunds to be equally divided among personal income taxpayers. Refers proposed amendment to people for their approval or rejection at next regular general election.”

Read more on HJR 21 Kicker “socialization” bill here.

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