Notice Oregonian's odd photo choice for sex abuse story

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Here is a sex abuse story where an adult authority figure (a teacher) is asking minors to write out sexual stories for their grades and another assignment to list out fellow students and adults whom they wish to have sex with, and The Oregonian is leading with a nice, soft and warm romantic photo to set the mood (if we dare say).   The other news stations went with more generic academic images as seen above.

Does The Oregonian take this story seriously?  Is this abusing students our just romance?

Remember, The Oregonian once called former Oregon Governor Niel Goldschmidt’s rape of a 14-year old girl an “affair”.

How about when The Oregonian reports about a person who is fired for sexual harassment — would they put up this heart and candles romantic photo?

Here is how it would look…


More examples:


Read more on the original Eugene High School story here.

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