Oregon COVID pool rule making us less safe

Taxpayers Association of Oregon


A local METRO are gym has been closed except for their outdoor pool.  Outdoor swimming is accepted as a low-risk activity since the virus does not spread proficiently outdoors.   However, the gym was forced to have all customers use only one women’s bathroom and one men’s bathroom which contained only a single toilet.   The gym has a dozen different men’s and women’s women’s bathrooms but all were off limits.   The gyms locker rooms were closed. The gym’s many stand-alone family service changing rooms were also prohibited.  People who wanted to change out of their swim clothes had to use the single person bathrooms.

Although the virus does not retain on surfaces efficiently, having some 20 to 30 people use the same single closet-space-sized single bathroom for both bathroom needs and changing seems higher risk than making all bathrooms and private use changing rooms open.   Is the current COVID pool rules making us less safe?

Fortunately, the gym is working with local authorities to change this rule.

The same gym’s indoor pools were closed.   Their five lane Olympic-size swimming pool could have allowed people to swim with an entire empty lane separating swimmers.  You could even accommodate a three empty lane separation between swimmers.   Ventilation in this facility with its 40 feet high ceilings and massive air ducts is a lot better than what people are getting in their homes, in a barber shop or pedicure shop which remain open while the indoor pool is closed.

We offer these positive ideas, solutions, questions and observations so Oregon can find ways to better navigate through this crisis for which we take seriously.

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