Rep. Reschke: GOP leader speaks out on House floor

By Oregon State Representative E. Werner Reschke,

House Republican Leader Speaks Out

The following is from the floor speech given by Republican Leader, Representative Vikki Breese-Iverson

“Mr. Speaker,

Today, votes were called for immediate consideration on five school safety bills that Republicans introduced that were sadly left to die in committee.

These bills were ignored and never scheduled for public hearings by committee chairs.

The solid, common-sense bills proposed in Safe School Package would allow this body to take immediate action for the safety and protection of students across this state.

As a mom, my heart breaks for the students, teachers, and families whose lives were changed forever on Monday.

As a mom, I demand action for our children.

Oregonians know that armed security is a deterrent.

We also know that budget’s reflect priorities.

So today I pose that question – what are our priorities? Is that student safety? If it is, then this body should have taken action to address the important matters today.

Instead of rising to the occasion and meeting the moment, this body fell short. Today they let the students down across our state. There should be no other priority.

We should, we can, and we must do better.”

School safety should not be a partisan issue, but it is in Salem. Please reach out to your elected officials and let them know that when it comes to the safety of our children at school, politics as usual needs to end. Pass the Safe School Package now!

Safe School Package, A Top Priority for Republicans

This week began with every parent’s nightmare — a school shooting, this time at The Covenant School in Nashville, TN. The horror was felt all across the nation and reverberated here at the Capitol in Salem.

Republicans lawmakers went to work immediately to force a vote in the House of Representatives on seven bills to make schools safer.

The Safe Schools Package includes seven pieces of legislation to prioritize the safety of our students and faculty, including funding for School Resource Officers, studies to analyze school building safety, electronic communication to parents, and panic alarms for school buildings.

House Bill 2223 – Motion to withdraw from Education failed – Ayes, 27; Nays, 30
House Bill 3354 – Motion to withdraw from Education failed – Ayes, 28; Nays, 29
House Bill 2704 – Motion to withdraw from Judiciary failed – Ayes, 28; Nays, 29
House Bill 3261 – Motion to withdraw from Education failed – Ayes, 30; Nays, 27
House Bill 3350 – Motion to withdraw from Education failed – Ayes, 30; Nays, 27
House Bill 3584 – Previously moved out of Education, and today passed on the House floor unanimously. This bill has now been referred to the Senate.
House Bill 3101 – Motion to withdraw from Ways and Means failed – Ayes, 30; Nays, 27

In contrast, Democrats continue to push forward their anti-gun, omnibus bill, HB 2005, which may not be constitutional and would have done nothing to prevent a school shooting like what happened earlier this week.