Kicker theft bill pulled from agenda

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

HJR 23, which would have taken part of the people’s Kicker Income Tax Refund by referring a ballot measure to the people was scheduled for an April 4th vote in the House Agriculture committee.  Taxpayers Association of Oregon and others launched a citizen call-in and email campaign, along with other groups, and right before the hearing, HJR 23 was pulled from the agenda.

This is a victory for citizen participation and for the Constitution.  The wise voters of Oregon voted to place this law into the Oregon Constitution that protects tax revenue that is over-collected and surplus tax revenue for which is returned to the taxpayers who overpaid.

An important procedural April 4th deadline in the Capita has also passed, where most bills need to have a hearing and show signs of life in order to be counted as alive.  HJR 23 missed that deadline.

Although the bill for now is dead, there could be a last minute resurrection at the end of Session.  We will keep vigilant.

To all Taxpayers Association supporters who contacted their lawmakers, we salute you for your patriotic citizen participation.  Your voice matters.

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