Big gun bill debated, delayed to May vote

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Oregon House debated House Bill 2005.    The bill deals with outlawing home-made firearms (ones that are untraceable or lack traditional serial numbers).  The bill also sets certain restrictions on those under 21 from purchasing certain type of rifles.  Additionally, HB 2005 extends greater local authority of local governments to ban firearms on government property and nearby premises.  Concealed carry permit holders who carry firearms for self-protection worry about vague government prohibition zones that entrap innocent people like themselves not knowing that being near a property that they just committed a crime.

The House Republicans on the floor invoked the read-bill rule which requires bills to be verbally read.  This rule and its long implementation has caused the bill to be re-scheduled for a May 2nd vote.   The read-bill rule, invoked by House Republicans, also helps slow down lawmakers ability to ram-rod bills through session and gives more time for citizens to contact their lawmakers and participate in the process.    House Democrat leadership aim to rush this bill as soon as possible.  HB 2005 itself had its first hearing roughly 12 days ago and has found itself on the floor for a vote with the amendment added just 24 hours before a floor vote with little chance for citizen participation on the amendments.

Kudos to House Republicans for working to end the ramrodding of this controversial bill.