Lars Larson: Accused killer is latest example of media shilling

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

What do you say I just stick to the facts this morning since the transgender community ain’t gonna like this.

The suspect in the Easter morning stabbing death of a Portland Cab driver identifies as a woman, but HE is booked on murder charges at the Multnomah County jail as a man.

Social media posts show Moses Jacob Lopez identifies as a woman.

Not quite two weeks ago, police in Coos County charged him with threatening two men with a weapon.  Released 8 days ago, he did a no show at his court date.  A few days later, police say he stabbed the cab driver to death

Why is all of that important?

Activists for Trans say if we don’t accommodate the wishes and desires of those who believe they were born in a misgendered body, they’re at high risk of suicide.

That suggests mental problems to me.

Lopez’s name now joins a growing list of other trans individuals connected to violence including mass shootings.

The most notable recently, the six murders committed at a Christian school in Nashville. The transgender individual who plotted them for months was finally stopped with deadly force by police.

Last week, a transgender person planned mass shootings at several schools but police stopped him before it happened.

I see a pattern there.  The question for the rest of us is…will society see it.