1 in 4 cars with expired tags? Oregon gives up.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Willamette Week ran this fascinating observation by their reader, “Roughly every fourth car I see has expired tabs. Oregon plates, Washington, California—and not just recently expired; some are years behind.”

The article goes on to explain that the City of Portland began to back away from enforcing minor traffic violations.  Also, Senate Bill 1510, helped to erect barriers to police enforcing minor violations. (read more from WWeek.)

The labor crisis (enhanced by failed government policies) also has meant that entire DMV offices have been closed during the summer.

Also, Oregon is so backlogged in unpaid parking tickets, some people are getting invoices 20 years after the fact!  KMTR explains, “If you received a parking ticket in Oregon in the last 20 years, the state may come after you to collect fees you didn’t even know about.This is the warning that Sarah Dylan and Wayne Larson have for Oregonians. Both recently received letters demanding payment from the state for parking violations going back to 2005. Both Dylan and Larson thought this was a scam, but it’s not.”17 years, I can’t even remember what car I was driving at that point…”

While Oregon is not enforcing tags, it means that state is losing money.  Is this why ODOT said they need to erect tolling to help fill in a $500 million hole in their budget (despite having a top 10 national high gas tax and a top 10 most expensive auto fee compared to other states).   How can ODOT ask for more money if the State doesn’t even bother to collect the funds it is owed?

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