Bill to boost home-based food businesses clears Senate

Legislation to Boost Home-Based Food Businesses Clears Oregon Senate with Bipartisan Support

By Oregon Senate Republican Office,

The Oregon Senate passed Senate Bill 643 A, a measure that expands economic opportunity for cottage food producers by making necessary updates to regulations on the sale of direct-to-consumer, shelf-stable homemade foods known as “cottage foods”.

“Last year, a constituent and cottage food producer brought to my attention that Oregon’s Cottage Food Law lags behind most states in its sales limit and other allowances. These restrictions have nothing to do with health and safety,” said Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend), chief sponsor of the bill. “I am proud to bring this legislation forward to expand revenue potential for home-based small businesses and local economies at a time when they need it most.”

Currently, the annual gross sales of food prepared in a residential dwelling cannot exceed $20,000 per year. SB 643 A would increase annual gross sales to $50,000 per year, adjusted annually for inflation.

SB 643 A passed with 27 in favor and 1 opposed. It now heads to the Oregon House of Representatives for consideration.