Lies of Progressives

These are common falsehoods propagated by progressives:

1. Men can have babies. No they can’t. Nature always produces anomalies – mutations, defects, whatever you wish to call them. Some species of animals do have the ability to change their gender – sequential hermaphroditism – but not humans. The fact that in a world population of 8,000,000,000, there are a handful of “men” – less than 0.00001) who have become pregnant is neither surprising nor definitive. In some instance it is simply a genetic anomaly and others it is human interference. For instance one of the more heralded instances is a “man” named Freddy McConnell who was born a woman, took the hormone treatments to become a “man” and then ended the hormone treatments thus ending the suppression of her female reproductive ability as a woman. Even though she continued to self-identify as a man, she was able to and did conceive – thus the self-styled “pregnant man.” Hormonal therapy, reconstructive surgery and other medical/scientific interventions can change the bodies function but that doesn’t mean that “men” can have babies. It most certainly does not justify the moronic decision to require the presence of women’s menstrual care products (tampons, sanitary napkins, etc.) in boys restrooms and locker rooms in public schools.

2. You can chose your gender. No you can’t. You can call yourself whatever you like unless it is done for fraudulent or criminal purposes. We are not required to honor or celebrate that decision personally, particularly when we know it to be false. But having exercised that right, it does not change your DNA or your physiology. Men and women have distinct DNA and physiological structures – the latter being the reason that men self-identifying as women have such success in women’s sports. Having made that decision, you have the right to a neutral response from the government. That is you have the right to participate in, benefit from, and support your government without prejudice. You do not have that same right with regard to individuals (except as it may interfere with your rights as a citizen) who may or may not chose to associate with you. There is a pretty simple reason. To require otherwise means that those who did not participate in your gender identity decision have to endorse it. To paraphrase Larry the Cable Guy in his comedy routine: “I have friends that are into sheep, but they don’t demand a parade every Friday night.

The most toxic part of this notion that men self-identifying as women should be allowed to participate in women’s sports is that there is no means of determining the legitimacy of that “self-identification.” Is it because having failed to be competitive against other men, you decide you can win easily over most women? Is it because you are sexually curious and proximity to naked women in a locker room environment satiates that curiosity? Is it because you have been educated in the public schools that gender is a malleable condition and you can change your gender at will? Or is it because you are genuinely confused as to your gender identity? As it stands now, gender self-identification is totally within the hands and words of the person claiming it and biological women are at risk. (I have four granddaughters so if my bias is showing – tough.)

3. America’s highways are Racist. No, they are not. The enormity of the stupidity of that statement is staggering until you realize who keeps saying it. That would be the Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg – failed presidential primary candidate in 2020 and obscure mayor of the small town of South Bend, Indiana, whose prominence is solely due to the proximity of Notre Dame University. Mr. Buttigieg’s time as mayor is most noted by the size of the potholes, the distrust of the African-American community – which constitutes one quarter of the population and one-half of the Democrat Party – and the lack of any economic growth. Mr. Buttigieg accomplished so little that his sole claim to fame is that he is gay – a fact that has nothing to do with competence but everything to do with acceptance by the progressive wing of the Democrat Party.

It is difficult to follow the shifting rationale for Mr. Buttigieg claim that America’s highway system is racist but it would appear that it has something to do with the proximity of the African-Americans to the roads and highways – too far in the rural areas and too close in the urban areas. In truth, the location of the nations roads and highways have more to do with business locations, traffic patterns, political influence and graft than with any other factors.

Mr. Buttigieg made an unsuccessful run for the presidency in 2020 with a lukewarm acceptance by the African-American community. For whatever reason, Mr. Buttigieg continues to be mentioned as a progressive successor should President Joe Biden falter. It would appear that being gay is a “check mark” for progressives whereas competency is not. Blaming racism – even in so vague of terms as highway construction – seems to be the mother’s milk of progressivism and according to their theism is the answer to everything where they have failed.

America is a racist nation. No, it’s not. Before we get into this let’s be sure that we understand what racism is. In its briefest terms it is antagonism towards a group of people based on race or ethnicity. It is underpinned by the notion that all people of a particular race or ethnicity possess particular characteristics – usually unfavorable characteristics – liars, thieves, drunks, indolents, etc. It is a subset of prejudice and regardless of its source or its victims, the attribution of a characteristic to all members of a class is not only morally wrong; it is intellectually illogical.

To demonstrate the point pick a characteristic that you think embodies a particular racial, ethnic or religious group. Now, think about all of the people that you know or know of who are members of that group who are exceptions to that characteristic. The exception brings the lie to the general characteristic. The same is true with the characteristic of America as being racist.

Look, there are racists in America. There are misogynists in America. There are anti-Semites in America. There are anti-Papists in America. There are homophobes in America. Probably for every category of Americans into which progressives wish to divide us, there are a mass of people who are anti- that group. But at the same time there are a mass of people who seek to render that prejudice impotent. (I use the term impotent purposefully because you cannot mandate the elimination of a person’s prejudices; you can only ban the actions that may arise from them.) That mass of people seeking to render prejudice impotent cannot be said to be racist and, therefore, they bring the lie to the general characteristic of America as being racist.

America has a long history of recognizing and addressing its shortcomings. It does this internally because we continue to seek that “perfect union.” We are not forced to by external forces or threats from other countries. We do it because it is the right thing to do and while progress does not occur instantaneously it does occur regularly.

These are just some of the idiocy that progressives use to vilify America as a nation and its citizens individually. The worst part of this is that these notably false ideas are now propagated nearly universally in our public schools by members of the public school teachers unions. But it only takes a handful of courageous men and women to call hogwash to these notions before they topple like a straw house in a light wind. And there are instances of those courageous men and women popping up all over. Jon Stewart and Bill Maher -both proud and historic liberals – routinely roast the excesses of progressives and their woke agenda. And even more important, Vanguard CEO, Tim Buckley pulled Vanguard’s trillions of dollars out of the ESG movement*. According to the Wall Street Journal:

Vanguard’s Tim Buckley is having a Copernican moment. Like the famous Renaissance polymath who challenged conventional wisdom about celestial movement, the 54-year-old CEO is challenging the asset-management industry’s environmental, social and governance orthodoxy.

“’Our research indicates that ESG investing does not have any advantage over broad-based investing,’ Mr. Buckley said in a recent interview with the Financial Times. Matching word to deed, his comments came after he had withdrawn his firm from the $59 trillion Net Zero Asset Managers initiative, an organization that is part of the $150 trillion United Nations-affiliated Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero. Both alliances are committed to restricting their investments over time to companies that are compliant with the Paris Agreement’s objective of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Mr. Buckley claims the financial world, swept up in climate-change fervor, can’t make such commitments without reneging on its fiduciary duties.”

It only took Edward R. Murrow to expose the lies and tactics of Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-WI). It only took Mahatma Gandhi to stand up to colonial Great Britain and drive them out of India using non-violent means. It only took Elon Musk the short time since his acquisition of Twitter to uncover and disclose the unholy alliance between social media and progressive politicians. And it only takes you to stand up to the wasting of America by the progressives.


* ESG stands for Environmental Sustainable Governance and is a progressive paean to the climate alarmists throughout the world. However, like other things done by corporate America, most of the signators to the ESG baloney, use if for “virtue signaling” and continue to invest as always in oil, gas, coal, manufacturing and virtually everything else that progressives in general and ESG in particular claim to abhor.