Liberal Left backs controversial Sherwood cop for Newberg school board

Shocking body-cam video and documents released by Yamhill Advocate show a past of brutality, false reports, and deception. Newberg teacher’s union and local left-progressives want James Wolfer on the school board.
By Jeff w/Oregon Campaign Watch,

 The Newberg Teachers’ Union has a history of controversial statements by its leadership, and vulgar behavior by membership during working hours. Newberg’s radical progressive activists can (and do) often push the limit.

The Newberg Education Association (teacher’s union) and local radical progressives are trying to pack the school board with union allies, and they have a new slate of candidates running in the May 2023 elections. They’ve made James Wolfer the focus:

Radical Progressive/NEA-endorsed slate for Newberg schools:

James Wolfer – running against conservative board chair
Jeremy Hayden
Deb Bridges
Sol Allen
Nancy Woodward

According to Yamhill Advocate, “Newberg School Board Candidate James Wolfer has made false claims about his past work as a Tribal Police Officer in Grand Ronde, Oregon, as public records show.”


From 2018 Investigation Findings:

“[Wolfer] intentionally used unreasonable and unwarranted force while [tribal member] was lying down on asphalt.”


In shocking 2017 body camera footage from Grand Ronde posted to YouTube by Yamhill Advocate (See video link here), Wolfer seems to pre-emptively activate his taser before approaching a suspect in the casino parking lot. Wolfer proceeds to use his taser: Once when the suspect’s hands are in the air; and again while the suspect is handcuffed.


Wolfer has a pattern of bad decisions, as documents from Wolfer’s officer court hearings reveal in the aftermath of his tasing investigation. His past indiscretions include accusations of false and misleading reporting of information, misplaced evidence, and at least one failed psychological examination. (sourced below)


All below excerpts are taken directly from a 497-page online document list, which according to Yamhill Advocate were acquired via public record request.


From Interview with Grand Ronde Police Lieutenant (Page 188):


“[The Lieutenant] was more surprised by [Wolfer’s] lie than the tasing”

“There was a DUII investigation [at Warm Springs] where Wolfer’s report did not match the events that occurred.”

“…an evidence issue [at Warm Springs] where Officer Wolfer left marijuana out…”

“[Wolfer] not hired by Vancouver [PD] because he didn’t pass the psychological test”


From Wolfer Investigation Findings (Pages 64-66):


· “Intentionally used unreasonable and unwarranted force while [tribal member] was lying down on asphalt”

· “Untruthful when providing information to his supervisor”

· “Suspect was not actively violent and not physically resisting”


Other Wolfer findings

· Wolfer received letter of reprimand over an incident on September 10, 2016 (Page 51)

· Taser log: Wolfer pulled his trigger three times? (Page 52)


Progressives Silent on Controversy

The first two minutes of the body-cam footage are cringe-worthy (link here), but not to Newberg’s Progressive Left who are trying to pack the school board. Groups like the Newberg Education Association and other slate candidates underneath Wolfer continue to embrace him.   They’ll back a controversial cop, as long as he does the bidding of the teacher’s union?