City run homeless camps drive away homeowners

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The City of Portland has been setting up government created homeless camps called Safe Rest Villages.

KGW reports, “KGW talked with the woman last June before the site officially opened. She has since sold her home and moved out of Portland in part due to the Safe Rest Village, neighbors said.“We were second-position buyers and the original buyers backed out once they knew about the Safe Rest Village,” said Jade Brainard, the new owner of that home.Brainard moved from the Pearl District and said living near a Safe Rest Village is better than what she experienced downtown when it came to the homeless crisis. As a result of the Safe Rest Village, Brainard paid much less than the asking price for her home. So did her neighbor, Gil Vaisman, who’s also new to the neighborhood. “

The Daily Mail has also reported on the exact same problem “In one case, an early offer for a three-bedroom home asking close to $700,000 near a sanctioned homeless encampment, called Multnomah Village.’We had early offer on a home, but it fell through and there was some concern there with the Multnomah village site,’ Patterson said.’I can say [homeless encampments] are definitely affecting the property values.’ …Authorized encampments sites have been built, but cannot keep up with the rising number of homeless people in the area. One local, a US Navy veteran, told that the sites are a good solution, but not the only solution, as they seem to be drawing other homeless people, who end up sleeping on the sidewalks and yards nearby when there is no room at the site. Jim Hines, 74, who lives near one of the sites in Multnomah Village, says it is kept clean, but is close to a school, which continues to be a concern for local residents. ‘I feel for those out in Laurelhurst,’ he said, referring to a neighborhood in Southeast Portland where property values are highest. Yet, homeless people have set up unauthorized camps on sidewalks outside of homes valued anywhere between $500,000 to $1 million.”

KATU-TV reports that one neighborhood, 800 people signed a petition to keep these city-run homeless camps out of their neighborhood.

Here is a man for whom a Safe Rest homeless camp is being built right next to his house.

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