Anti-cop politician, Hardesty, fails to appear in court

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty who lead the de-funding police movement in Portland is now making headlines for failing to appear in court. Apparently she doesn’t like the judicial system either.

KPTV reports, after failing to appear in Court this week a Multnomah County judge ordered Commissioner Hardesty to pay $16,000 in unpaid credit card debt. This is just one of two different credit card debt cases involving Jo Ann Hardesty. Hardesty incurred the debt despite making over $125,000 as a Commissioner.

Commissioner Hardesty is in charge of voting on Portland’s budget, but has multiple problems with her own budget.

Even with her record of de-funding police and cutting 100 law enforcement positions she still won the endorsement of most of the local government unions (read more here).

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