Rep. Morgan: Unconstitutional gun bill passes house


HB 2005 Violates My Constitutional Oath

SALEM, Ore. – Representative Morgan (R-Grants Pass) released the following statement regarding the passage of HB 2005:

“I took an oath to uphold the Constitutions of Oregon and the United States. I take that oath seriously, and because this bill seeks to restrict my constituents’ 2nd Amendment rights, I vehemently oppose it.

HB 2005-B is likely unconstitutional under the US Supreme Court’s jurisprudence because it: 1) discriminates on the basis of age for those seeking to purchase a firearm; 2) limits when and where one has a right to defend oneself by creating a regulator patchwork, and; 3) will make criminals out of law-abiding citizens who possess homemade, unserialized firearms.
Proponents say that this bill gives local control to the government seeking to regulate firearms. But to me, this is not an issue of local control – no local official has the right to infringe on constitutional rights. No matter how local that decision is made, it is still illegal. Those rights are enumerated and protected.

This bill allows local jurisdictions to decide whether to allow concealed carry license holders to carry within their immediate or adjacent grounds. This creates a confusing patchwork of gun regulations. Someone could become a felon simply by crossing the street.”

HB 2005-B passed today on a party-line vote 35-24. It will now head to the Senate.