Lars Larson: Biden at America’s credit limit

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Joe Biden wants America to go off a financial cliff.

For three months, the demented Chief executive has refused to negotiate on this country’s debt ceiling and now we are only 3 weeks away from its first debt default.

What does that mean?

Congress set a cap on America’s borrowing. So far, the government has racked up 32 trillion in debt.

Joe wants more borrowing. Republicans say they’ll only approve more…if Joe agrees to cuts in spending. That seems reasonable to me.

Imagine your adult son or daughter, who has filled so many credit cards they can’t make the minimum payments and they ask you, mom or dad, for help.

Would you insist…”I’ll bail you out but only if you stop spending so much money.”

Joe Biden is like the kid who demands that bail out…and no changes in spending.

Only in this case, the credit payments fall on Americans, most likely generations of Americans.

Today, republicans get the meeting with Joe Biden they’ve begged for the last 3 months…and if he refuses to deal, and they refuse to increase borrowing….

Then America defaults on its debt and we become a deadbeat nation for the first time in history.