Sen. Linthicum: “I Will Not Bow…”

By Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum:
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Ten days ago, I partnered with all of Oregon’s Republican and Independent State Senators to stop a handful of shocking bills that would undoubtably inflict harm on children and their parents. Our efforts to bring transparency, openness, and bi-partisan leadership back into the Senate chamber have been met with deep division and partisan reluctance.

I will not bow my knee to the unlawful demands of today’s Democrat majority.

Our current impasse is due solely to Senate President Wagner’s (D-Lake Oswego) continued rejection of all reconciliation efforts by members who are denying quorum. Our minority parties’ demands are easy enough, 1) adhere to Oregon’s constitution; 2) follow Oregon’s Revised Statutes and Senate rules; and 3) fulfill the “bipartisan/open door” pledge made to Oregonians.

As the news cycle races along, even liberal news outlets and social media pundits are looking for any loose threads that weaken the fabric of the Democrat party’s suffocating hold in Oregon. Shemia Fagan’s forced resignation brought similar and potentially more illicit money scandals to the surface. Each flaming accusation about corruption, tampering, and potential money-laundering creates a foothold for others to scale the walls of power. Yet, the Senate President is holding fast to his extreme position.

Are Republican and Independent Senators (aka, “the Courageous 13”) willing to sacrifice their eligibility for their next term in office?

The answer is easy – Yes.