5 tax revolt signs from May election

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


There may be big signs that taxpayers have had enough based on the Oregon May Special Election results.

In Oregon’s most progressive county, Multnomah, voters rejected a Capital gains Tax by an impressive 81%!   Days before this vote, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announced a two year freeze on any tax and fee increases in Portland.  The Mayor was likely witnessing widespread tax anger.

In the same County, voters chose a moderate candidate for the School Board against a super-liberal candidate who ran a strong well funded campaign.  Nearby, a Gresham property tax levy also failed, surprising many.

Meanwhile, in another liberal haven of Ashland, their decades old meals and drink tax was up for renewal and the race is so tight that the results may not be known for several weeks.

Additionally, a closely watched and very over-priced Bend fire levy almost failed.

We hope this is a good sign of taxpayers saying they have had enough of these marathon list of tax increases on the local ballot.

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