Lars Larson: Even ultra-liberal Multnomah County doesn’t want new tax

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

I know it was hot last weekend in Portland but Hell appears to have truly frozen over.

Democrats in one of America’s most liberal counties have massively voted down a crazy new tax.

That’s right, Multnomah County, where 87% of voters register with the  “Party of Slavery” slammed down a massive NO vote on a new capital gains levy.

That tax would have applied to the very people socialists despise the most: property owners, business owners, landlords…evil capitalists.

It would have stripped 12 to 15 million bucks a year from anyone who tried to escape the rent controls and regulations and crazy politicians who encouraged and enabled street crime, drug dealing and overdoses.

Even better for county commie voters, the tens of millions from the new tax would hire shyster lawyers to sue landlords for actually insisting tenants pay the rent.

How could a liberal not love THAT?

But 82 percent of voters said “NO” to the idea.

Folks, there may be light at the end of the tunnel after all.  

Progressives who get mugged, as Frank Rizzo liked to say, often become conservatives.

I’d say the last few years provided all the mugging most of us can stand.