New bill to steal kicker refund! (call these 5 Senators)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The politicians have introduced a brand new Kicker income tax refund bill that is WORSE than the House version that was defeated.

It is up for a hearing * TODAY * in the Senate Finance and Revenue Committee.

Oregonians are expected to collect, on average, a $1,730 kicker refund, next year due to surplus over-collected taxes being returned to taxpayers like yourself.

In the hearing today, Senate Joint Resolution 26 would eliminate the people’s Kicker Income Tax Refund law altogether (because it is in the Constitution it requires Senators to refer a ballot measure to the people asking voters to surrender their Kicker refund).  Also, in the hearing today, is Senate Bill 774 which is the kill-the-kicker  implementation language for SJR 26.

• Oregonians could use their Kicker refund ($1,730 average) to help cover the pain of inflation (caused, in part, by trillions in new federal government spending)

• Oregonians could use their Kicker refund ($1,730 average) to deal with the State’s economic slump that is causing businesses to leave our state.

• Oregonians could use their Kicker refund ($1,730 average) to pay for groceries, food and high housing costs.

• Oregonians could use their Kicker refund to better handle the forecasted recession that State Economists say is approaching Oregon this later year.

If you want to protect future Kicker Income Tax Refunds (like the $1,730 average one set for 2023), then please call the 5 Senators on the Senate Finance and Revenue Committee today.

Please email and call the 5 members of the Senate Finance and Revenue Committee:

Tell them to vote No on SJR 26 and SB 774!!!

Do not steal the people’s Kicker Tax Refund:

1. Senator Mark Meek​​​ *** (Dem, Dist #20​)
[email protected]

2. Senator Jeff Golden *** (Dem, Dist.#3)
[email protected]

3. Senator Kayse Jama *** (Dem, Dist # 24)
[email protected]

4. Senator Lynn Findley (Rep., Dist.# 30)
[email protected]

5. Senator Brian Boquist (Ind., Dist # 12)
[email protected]

*** = Most likely to vote on stealing the Kicker.

You can even submit testimony online directly to the Senate Committee here!

More on the Kicker:

Already lawmakers released their budget goals for this year and it calls for growing the 2-year Oregon budget at a whopping 25%!  Gov. Kotek’s own budget plan calls for 26%.   Both plans would make Oregon among the fastest growing state governments in the nation — nearly double the national average.  Growing government by 26% is not enough, which is why they feel compelled to grab the kicker which is over-collected tax revenue and surplus revenue overpaid by taxpayers.   By taking the people’s kicker they can grow their budget possibly by 27%, 28% or 30% more.   Once the politicians do this, the next budget cycle politicians will then build upon the 20% growth as the new normal — meaning they must raise taxes to sustain that level of spending which among the fastest and highest in the nation.  I repeat, this is about stealing over-collected tax funds and making it part of the regular budget which means not only do you lose your future $780 refund checks you will have to pay taxes to keep up that level of spending.

— There is also discussions on a plan to support the Kicker by expediting Kicker refunds to Oregonians.

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