Kicker theft (SJR 26) would be blow to charities

Update on Kicker theft bill Senate Joint Resolution 26.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

During the Senate Finance and Revenue hearing yesterday on a bill to steal the people’s Kicker Income Tax Refund (SJR 26), an expert testified that Oregon charitable giving spikes during kicker years.   That’s right, Oregonians generously share their Kicker Income tax refund with charities close to their heart.    If Senate Joint Resolution passes (SJR 26), it will help abolish the Kicker Refund law and be a big loss to Oregon charities in time of need.   This is another reason to oppose SJR 26 — the Kicker theft bill.   The average Kicker refund check for 2024 is estimated at $1,730.

Yet, the politicians want to take your Kicker money and use it for “their” charity.

This is how politicians define charity:


• Oregon politicians give tens of millions of tax dollars to benefit rich Hollywood-industry film companies.


• Politicians have give millions of tax dollars to private pot shops while the restaurant across the street goes bankrupt.


• Oregon Politicians dump tens of millions of tax dollars into funding PRIVATE luxury hotels that quickly fail.

• Politicians have spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars giving money to vacant employee positions where no one is working, but the agency gets to keep the money anyway.


ENOUGH of politicians wasting or tax dollars on their charity efforts.

Come to the rescue of Oregon charities by opposing SJR 26.

Please email and call the 5 members of the Senate Finance and Revenue Committee:

Tell them to vote No on SJR 26 and SB 774!!!

Do not steal the people’s Kicker Tax Refund:

1. Senator Mark Meek​​​ *** (Dem, Dist #20​)
[email protected]

2. Senator Jeff Golden *** (Dem, Dist.#3)
[email protected]

3. Senator Kayse Jama *** (Dem, Dist # 24)
[email protected]

4. Senator Lynn Findley (Rep., Dist.# 30)
[email protected]

5. Senator Brian Boquist (Ind., Dist # 12)
[email protected]

*** = Most likely to vote on stealing the Kicker.




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