FTX $$ scandal entraps Kotek, AG … Wyden?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Ponzi Scheme business FTX executive, Nishad Singh, donated $500,000 to the Oregon Democrat Party — the largest donation in it’s history. The same Party steered $1.5 million to Governor candidate Tina Kotek who refuses to give the donation back even though the FTX firm effectively cheated tens of thousands of people including various government pension funds out of their money.

Now the National Review reports that top consultant and fundraiser to US Senator Ron Wyden, Diana Rogalle, helped arrange the $500,000 donation.  The article states, “The involvement of a longtime Wyden fundraiser — and Wyden’s history accepting donations from Bankman-Fried — suggests that the top Senate Democrat was influential in securing the $500,000 donation, the largest single contribution ever made to the Democratic Party of Oregon … The $500,000 donation was intended to aid the party in the hotly contested Oregon governor race, in which Democratic candidate Tina Kotek ultimately prevailed over her Republican opponent … Wyden has received money from the Bankman-Fried family for more than a decade.”

This donation was made under a different name — and later changed after the election, which is a serious offense.

The investigations into Singh and the Democrat party was given to Molly Woon, who previously worked for the Democratic Party of Oregon as communications director and deputy director.  It is a major conflict of interest that a former executive of the Democrat Party is making a violation decision over the same organization.   Not surprisingly, Woon reduced the original fine from $35,000 to $15,000.   The same Election Office also dropped any further investigation into the Party.

The case is also sent to the Attorney General, who had made a $150,000 donation to the Oregon Democrat Party.  This created even another conflict of interest for which the Attorney General later recused herself.  the Oregonian slammed the AG saying “Rosenblum’s recusal, while merited, is both ridiculously late and deeply inadequate to ensure the independence that this inquiry deserves.”

Nearly every month that this scandal goes on we learn new details and new political figures that are involved.

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