Sen. Bonham: Democrats Are Holding The Session Hostage

From Oregon State Senator Daniel Bonham:

My colleagues and I are willing to return to the Legislature to work on bipartisan bills and the state budget. But the Democrats in control would rather sacrifice bipartisan legislation on wildfire, behavioral health, housing, and education in favor of an agenda that is unlawful, uncompromising, and unconstitutional. HB 2002 is an attack on the innocence of children and Oregon families. They are holding the issues that matter most to hard-working Oregonians hostage.

My quote in a recent New York Times article about the walkout: “‘Taking this stand was a moral obligation for me,’ Mr. Bonham said. He said that when he left the Senate chamber, he purposely left a Bible on his desk there, open to a passage in which Jesus says that anyone who causes a child to stumble should perhaps be drowned with a millstone around his or her neck.”

The Bible does not mince words in Matthew 18:6, for a reason. Children must be protected. In walking out, I am fighting to protect Oregon children and families, and the rights of parents and guardians