Sen. Boquist: Capitol extremism, $$ investigations, secession …

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist:

– Democrats are choosing to put the full force of the government behind HB 2002, which will undermine the nuclear family and make experimental procedures on minors legal. HB 2002 would allow a child of any age to have an abortion without parental knowledge. It would also allow minors to have irreversible sex-change treatments without parents knowing. A national investigation shows how trans health care providers are ‘rubber-stamping’ sex-change surgeries.

– Democrats are the ones freezing the session with their willingness to sacrifice bipartisan bills and the state budget in favor of abortion and transgender activists and special interests. Republicans and Independents have denied quorum because the government should not take the place of parents.

– Republicans and Independents are willing to work on bipartisan bills and the state budget if the partisan issues are pushed to the side. Democrats in control are not willing to do this for the good of all Oregonians.

– Get involved in supporting the senators who are denying quorum. Review the Citizen Involvement Guide document linked here. It is a transparent document that lists addresses and phone numbers that citizens can use to activate and make calls or send letters to directly call out corruption within the Oregon government.


– In another example of how the Democrats who control Oregon are motivated by money, the Attorney General is pursuing an opportunity to bandwagon on the defamation lawsuit brought by Dominion on Fox News. The article says, “Oregon’s attorney general is investigating the parent company of Fox News with the intent of suing over possible losses to state employee retirement funds because the channel broadcast false claims about the 2020 election.”

– The article is interesting because it admits PERS is helping to prop up the conservative outlet, and “nearly every publicly traded company,” by having “$11.7 million of Oregon’s $92 billion in state retirement funds were invested with Fox Corporation as of December 2022, according to the state Treasury.”

– At the same time, the AG and her party are evading the consequences of accepting campaign funds from FTX (background here) and La Mota, misreporting both, a Class C felony in Oregon. Feds appear to open a criminal investigation into La Mota and Shemia Fagan.

– Ron Wyden was the middleman in the corrupt $500,000 donation from now-bankrupt cryptocurrency broker, FTX, to the Oregon Democrats. From the article: “Wyden’s role brokering the donation comes after he received campaign donations over the course of more than a decade from the family behind the spectacular, and allegedly fraud-fueled, failure of cryptocurrency firm FTX.” Anyone surprised?

– Oregon Catalyst reports: “The plan to move towards secession was approved by voters in the County of Wallowa this week. At the same time, United States Senator Jeff Merkley pushed back.”

– Oregon Capitol staff unions argue in court.

– One program that helps make farmers markets affordable and accessible for all is Double Up Food Bucks.

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