Gov’t audit: State should boost pot sales

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon’s Secretary of State, Shemia Fagan, one of the highest elected positions in Oregon and one that is in charge of issuing official State Audits has just released a big marijuana audit of the industry.  Shemia Fagan herself, while conducting the audit was paid by one of Oregon’s largest marijuana businesses as a consultant.

The audit promotes that Oregon should “maximize cannabis as an agricultural commodity… to grow and expand the state’s economy” (p2)

The audit wants to “position Oregon as a national leader” (p34)

The audit wants Oregon to “support … increasing the quantity and diversity of Oregon products” (p34).   More pot and more pot products the audit says.

The audit recommends reducing regulations and eliminating problems, some that only apply to the industry.

The report sounds like State Government is choosing a specific industry to boost and use State resources to make it is a big and popular as possible.

I wonder of the same rules applies to the timber industry?  Vaping?   Auto sales? How about maximizing charter schools?

How about reducing regulations for ALL businesses?

The City of Portland already has awarded millions in taxpayer dollars to prop up failing marijuana businesses.


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