3.5 million DMV hack (fits long term pattern)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Oregon Department of Transportation says most of their private information on us has been hacked.

ODOT says, “ODOT confirmed that the accessed data contained personal information for approximately 3.5 million Oregonians. While much of this information is available broadly, some of it is sensitive personal information… Individuals who have an active Oregon ID or driver’s license should assume information related to that ID is part of this breach. We recommend individuals take precautionary measures to protect themselves from misuse of this information, such as accessing and monitoring personal credit reports.”

This fits a long pattern of major data breaches.

Let us review:

• The Department of Human Services leaked confidential information of 645,000 Oregonians.

• The Oregon Employment Department had a data breach of 851,000

• The Oregon Department of Revenue had a data breach of 36,000 Oregon tax records, including Social Security numbers.

• Oregon Department of Administrative Services accidentally made public 40,000 vaccine records.

• The Oregon Elections Office also suffered a major hack of their records.

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