$100,000 tax funds to legalize prostitution

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The mega-spending bill, Senate Bill 5506-1 has a massive amendment that spends tens of millions of dollars.  It includes spending money dealing with sex and prostitution.

• $100,000 to study legalizing prostitution.  Decriminalizing prostitution study (sec 32).  Remember, whatever the government studies, it passes.   As if Oregon is still trying to cope with decriminalizing cocaine, heroin and meth, now we must endure politicians fantasizing about legalizing prostitution.  Oregon liberal politicians are hell bent on making it easier to destroy yourself while making it harder to build a business, raise a family and choose your own school.

• $500,000 to study sex.  OHSU sex study (section 300).  Yes, the very institution that recently got hit with a $45 million sexual harassment lawsuit and a scathing report on their sexual harassment corporate problems (that report cost $151,000 per page for six million dollars).  They now want $500,000 to study sex.  My goodness, the Legislative spending item does not even give any detail as to why or what purpose.  Do we find out after the spending bill is passed?

Disclaimer: We are just hours into studying the bill in hopes of making these details public before lawmakers vote on such spending.   We will add details and adjust assumptions as we learn them. If you have any input please email us below:

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