Lars Larson: Who is Biden bribing to avoid accountability?

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Wouldn’t you think a five million dollar bribe to the President merits a minute or two of news coverage?
Me too. And if you’re wondering how I can claim Joe Biden got that $5 million, let me name sources.
Long-time Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley stood up in the Senate and announced it.
And how does HE know? Grassley points to an official FBI document called form 1023 that tells the tale.
It says Joe Biden took that bribe when he was Vice President. It says he got the cash from Burisma, the Ukrainian Natural gas company that had Hunter Biden on its payroll.
The FBI knows a Burisma executive kept 17 recordings of conversations he had:
15 with Hunter and 2 of them with Joe.
The FBI has been fighting to keep the 1023 document from Congress.
Congress finally got it last week.
The FBI has had the document for 3 years.
The FBI could tell Congress “we investigated and there’s nothing to it”.
They have not.
They could tell Congress we’re still investigating Joe Biden for bribery.
They have not.
So, the FBI knows, Congress knows, Joe knows, and Ukraine, now cashing big American checks, knows.
The major news networks only want to make sure you DON’T know.