Oregon gains freedom-to-pump (sort of)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


House Bill 2426-A has passed both the House and Senate and is heading towards Governor Tina Kotek’s desk for an expected signature.

Under HB 2426-A gas stations would allow gas stations to make half of their pump units to be self-serve (not like our neighbors above in Washington that allow all pumps to be self serve).  This is Oregon’s way of only giving people partial freedom on such a simple issue.  This is still big for Oregon, since our state is only one of two that has such severe restrictions.   Our self-serve ban was relaxed for some rural areas a few years ago.

HB 2426-A reads, “House Bill 2426 A allows retail fueling stations to operate up to half of their pumps as self-service dispensing devices.” and also “Clarifies that a filling station must designate at least one person to provide attended service. Provides that motorcycle operators may dispense into their own motorcycle at attended or self-service devices. Revises definition of “rural Oregon” by removing Deschutes, Hood River, and Morrow counties.”

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