Rep. Morgan: 6 good bills that passed

By Oregon State Representative Lily Morgan

The Oregon House of Representatives raced against the clock on Sunday to finish the 2023 Legislative Session. Per the Constitution, the Legislature needed to adjourn on Sunday before midnight.

Representative Morgan helped pass legislation that will benefit the people of House District 3.

  • HB 2599 – Increase access to respite care – like what Hearts With A Mission do – by waiving fees to required background checks.
  • HB 2645 – Gives law enforcement more tools to protect communities from fentanyl.
  • HB 3584 – Requires schools to notify parents electronically in the case of a security threat at their child’s school.
  • SB 745 – Ensures children detained are screened for sex trafficking.
  • SB 1052 – Expands the crime of labor trafficking and involuntary servitude.
  • HJR 16 – Refers measure to voters to ask if Oregonians want the Legislature to have the power to impeach statewide elected officials.
  • $984,500 in funding for the Illinois Valley Fire District to tap into city water to ensure reliable access to water to fill tankers.

Representative Morgan (R-Grants Pass) released the following statement:

“This session was a challenging session for Oregonians across the state. However, several pieces of legislation passed that will help Southern Oregon. I came to this session to address the main issues impacting District 3: the failed outcomes of Measure 110, the overwhelming increases in overdoses and deaths, the scarcity of housing and increased homeless issues in our communities, and the high impacts of the wildfire maps from SB 762.   Unfortunately, the Majority saw fit to nibble around the edges of our most pressing issues instead of passing bold reforms to address these issues head-on. It is an honor to serve the people of House District 3, and I will continue to advocate for policies to turn Oregon’s decline around.”