Oregon could learn from this early-vote TV Ad

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC

It is a strange oddity in American politics that progressive voters tend to vote early and conservative leaning voters tend to vote on the last day.

After the November 2022 disaster, people are pledging never again.

Consider in Pennsylvania how a barely functional candidate John Fetterman beat national TV personality Mehmet Oz.   The Fetterman campaign spent nearly most of their campaign funds in the early weeks of October when ads were cheaper and had less competition.  Then the Fetterman campaign pushed hard to for early voting and were able to impressively turnout more early voters than what the 2020 hotly contested Presidential race was able to do (this rarely happens).    Having banked those votes early, candidate Oz showed up late by spending campaign money in the final few weeks on more expensive ads in a high ad traffic period while reaching fewer voters who hadn’t voted.

Nationwide, there is now a push for early voting for everyone.

The Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin ad makes this point.


If Oregon conservatives wish to have different results, they too should stop voting on the very last day of the election where their vote is at risk of not being counted because the voter got stuck in a traffic jam, they forgot to cast their vote, there was a weather problem, there was an accident/medical emergency or there was a long line at the elections office and they just gave up.

Fox News Host Laura Ingram pressed this issue after the November 2022 election.   Ingram said, “…the GOP cannot count on this coming from behind strategy in states like New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania. The Democrats are going to be ready to turn out their voters on the first day of early voting [in Georgia Senate runoff]. Going forward the Republicans are going to have to do the same. They did this Miami-Dade County and that was fantastic. They got a lot of early voting in Miami-Dade County. The old turnout models don’t work anymore.”

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