Lars Larson on Zina Linnik

So what would you tell the parents of Zina Linnik who was murdered last week in Tacoma?

Consider this case. A little girl, 12 years old, in Tacoma, Washington taken from her home and brutally raped and then her body dumped. The man who’s the suspect in the case is an illegal alien. He’s been in our country and he was convicted 17 years ago of incest, of assaulting his half sister when he was 25 and she was 16.

United States, under the law, could have and should have deported him at the time. The United States government now says it overlooked him. Well, that little overlook cost Zina Linnik her life. She’s the 12 year old girl who was murdered and her parents have to be asking, “Why in the world would this country overlook somebody convicted of sexual crimes against a child? Why in the world would they let him stay here in this country as an illegal alien and even be registered to vote?”

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    This is not the only illegal alien who commited crimes against legal citizens. Our jails are full of illegals, our medical services are over run and others soak up the benefits designed for legal citizens while our government does nothing to stop them.

    Secure the borders and send them HOME! , before another citizen like this little girl pays the price for our governments neglect.

  • Richard

    Herr Goebbels Playbook
    is it grand concentrate one “illegal immigrant” to justify your twisted views when there plenty of American citizen pedophiles released each month. Th issue is why are they not in jail


    True Richard the cowardhearted there are plenty of US born pervs that need to be locked up which makes it even stupider to import any from other countries.

    I find it amazing Richie that people like you need to always fall back to calling people who don’t subscribe to your views as facsists. Can you be any lamer, how about a little originality Rickie! or doesn’t your little socialist idea book have anything original left in it?

    This is just one of many illegals (30% of our jail space are full of them) that should have been here to prey on the legal citizens of this country. The significance of this case is the fact that he was caught in 1990 and not deported then, which would have saved this little girls life you callous, unfeeling nobody!

    Time to go back to your butterfly collection, they’re the only ones who really listen anyhow, aren’t they.

    • Richard

      I Call there hypocrite

      First off all you don’t know jack who you messing with. Go ahead throw the word Socialist you ad hominem hypocrite because you ant the rest Nationalist are no better the Nazis, Fascist, communist and other forms of collectivist scum

      Perhaps You need to study Goebbels. look at the way you and Lars who been doing for years is taking one evil person and applying them to all group of immigrants to give support to some twisted anti immigrant agenda then repeat the lie over and over again until the population believe all immigrants are a threat to our existence. Never mind the majority of immigrants are good God fearing folks. I feel you and Lars is more callus because the little girl tragic death only exist to be exploited for the anti immigrant cause .

      Buy now I hope you get I am not a liberal nor a conservative but an Individualist and a Capitalist who believe all have the individual right to come and trade as long as force and fraud is not employed again another INDIVIDUAL’S body or property.

      • George

        Richard, I’m sure you’ve been around long enough to recognize that people use generalalities when dealing with anything that’s reached political status. Everyone does it, those for or against anything. The current immigration debate not withstanding.

        However, it doesn’t really shock me that those who would be against enforcing our current laws would denigrate people who oppose their view. That includes your posts.

        I’m all for immigration. Just fill out the forms, wait in line like me and my family did. Don’t tell me that those who skip across the borders illegally (or enter legally and overstay) get to step inline in front of me. Securing the border is paramount to this countries saftey and identity.

        This tragic instance is only 1 instance of many. The fact that people are latching on to it is because people are getting tired of hearing about the problems illegal aliens have caused. Get used to it. It’s the capitalist way. We the consumers are king.

        • Richard

          I would prefer the individual is king and to hell with the group or if I do not like your group get out of my way. I have no qualms with securing the border, but there is a difference between securing the border and closing it completely because the real agenda is to stop not to control immigration. This means you would never had a chance to get in. We need to implement security and at the same time making it expedient for those who wish to come here to work or live. I do not see why the process cannot take no more than 60 days from paperwork to entry to investigate and give the person a medical cheek up no Quotas or politics.

          As for the rest of the crap who language one servers the customer is a private matter not one concerns government.

      • CRAWDUDE

        Ah, Ritchie, you get so worked up at times.

        Just so you know, I really don’t care who you believe you are, as far as I’m concerned I “messing” with a bitter, little man. I’m pretty sure I’m right on this one, lol!

        Now I’m sure someone else at the library would like to use a computer, maybe it’s time for you to log off so they can 😉

  • Rick Hickey

    Richard-I thought the main reason we have an organized Government had to do with England not wanting US to be FREE?
    OUR Gov’t #1 DUTY is too protect us from ENEMIES-Foriegn or Domestic.

    This IS/WAS a PREVENTABLE DEATH! i.e. Didn’t have to happen!
    Her Parents would like to smash the head of anyone that makes excuses for her death like you, I bet.

    Now you can go back to Raping little boys in your mommies basement while reading about your Nazi heroes. I have a friend who has a real Nazi patch from WW2 with blood on it, want to sniff it?

  • Sovereign

    It is long past the time to remove all non-whites from our countries. How many little white girls, white colledge girls, and white women have to be raped, infected with AIDS and murdered before we get the point.

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