Lars Larson on Zina Linnik

So what would you tell the parents of Zina Linnik who was murdered last week in Tacoma?

Consider this case. A little girl, 12 years old, in Tacoma, Washington taken from her home and brutally raped and then her body dumped. The man who’s the suspect in the case is an illegal alien. He’s been in our country and he was convicted 17 years ago of incest, of assaulting his half sister when he was 25 and she was 16.

United States, under the law, could have and should have deported him at the time. The United States government now says it overlooked him. Well, that little overlook cost Zina Linnik her life. She’s the 12 year old girl who was murdered and her parents have to be asking, “Why in the world would this country overlook somebody convicted of sexual crimes against a child? Why in the world would they let him stay here in this country as an illegal alien and even be registered to vote?”