Cougar closes Cannon Beach (see list of others)

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

KOIN-TV reports, “Cannon Beach is currently closed in the area surrounding Haystack Rock after a cougar was spotted roaming on top of the beach’s iconic sea stack.Cannon Beach visitor Khula Makhalira told KOIN 6 News that his family spotted the cougar at the beach around 6:40 a.m. while vacationing in the area. Makhalira said that the cougar was last seen walking toward the ocean side of Haystack Rock.“[The cougar] went on the backside,” Makhalira said. “I had to warn a family with a baby, so I stopped photographing.”

Portland Monthly has said alerts are increasing in their Portland area.


This was in last May.


This was last month.


Ballot measure 18 passed in Oregon banned baited hunting of bears and cougars with dogs.

Doing so means we have an increased cougar population.  It also means that the State is wasting resources hunting cougars that private citizens used to pay to do.

Here is a sample of other headlines in the past 5 years




From Umpqua Forest last year.


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