Defying Kotek and law, gas stations let people self-serve

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek is sitting on a bill to fully legalize self-pump gas stations.

Stations are doing it anyways.  In the middle of progressive Portland, just yesterday, we experienced ourselves the fact that stations are letting all their pumps go to self-pump, with no warning, no signs, no notice, no outside attendant.

The gas pump bill on Governor Kotek’s desk (unsigned) only allows half the stations to be allowed the privilege of being liberated, yet some businesses appear to be letting them all go.   This is interesting to watch.

In a way this only reflects the lawlessness of Portland — legal rioting, legal homeless trespassing, legal traffic law breaking, legal open air-drug use.

What’s next?  Seeing Portlanders light an outlawed sparkler?  Or use an outlawed plastic straw?

This also reflects Kotek’s terrible decision to let 300 bills pile up on her desk and to use that moment to solicit the public on whether to veto the bill or not.   That’s right, Kotek waited until lawmakers were out of the building to consider her decision on over 300 bills, which means lawmakers do not have a ready ability to amend the law to meet her concerns if she vetoes them.  this is terrible governing.

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