Kotek waits until 300 bills pass House, Senate to seek public input

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Oregonian reports, Gov. Tina Kotek said Wednesday she hasn’t ruled out vetoing any of the roughly 300 bills awaiting her signature and will also examine every line item in the several large budget bills on her desk. In a wide-ranging interview with many reporters, she encouraged state residents to let her office know if there are bills they really want her to sign or to veto … ‘Literally we are just sitting down to read every bill. I don’t have any yea or nay yet,’ she said.”

That is not how it works!

If you do not like a bill, you express your opinion while the bill is being debated and voted on.

Was she asleep during Session?

We know did not offer many important bill ideas during Session, so what was she doing this whole time?

Far be it from us to explain to the Governor how legislation works.

If the Governor expresses her opinion during the bill crafting stages, it gives lawmakers a chance to change the bill to accept her wonderful input.

It also saves them nearly 200 days of working on bills if you let them know you are going to kill it.   No need to surprise them at the point when all the lawmakers go home, you need to do it before.    We understand that governors will usually tackle a handful of bills to consider veto over … that is expected … but over 300 bills?

Governor Kotek is slow to many things.

• Kotek was slow to announce the DMV data hack.

• Kotek was slow to make public her knowledge of the fraudulent connection between the Secretary of State and her unlawful business dealings that led to the SOS resignation.

• Kotek was slow to insert herself into the Republican walk-out protest.

• Kotek was slow to return her controversial donations from FTX.

Oregonians deserve better.

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