Despite city gas tax, county car tax, road fund is -$32M

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Take a look at how over-taxed Portlanders are when it comes to transportation:

• Portland has a 10-cent gas tax — when most cities have none.

• Multnomah County has a $112 car tax ($56 year) — when most counties have none.

• Portland has a very high 17% car rental tax.

• Politicians are planning to place tolls throughout Portland.

Despite all these taxes the Portland Transportation Department has a $32 million deficit in its budget.  To fill the gap the City is considering cutting road projects by $32 million.

This is a sign of a City that is tax and spending out-of-control.  Other Oregon taxpayers need to be on alert because these type of high transportation taxes are coming to a city near you.

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