Senator Boquist: Out-of-state people can now die here

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist:

– Now people from other states can come to Oregon to die whenever they want.

– Top Japanese diplomat assaulted by homeless woman in Oregon in anti-Asian attack.

– Oregon Catalyst reports: hospitals lose $414 million.

– Tim Knopp blames former Oregon gov. for commuting person of interest (letting them out of prison early), despite being linked to the deaths of 4 women. Current Gov. Tina Kotek allegedly reinstated this person’s prison sentence. If there is even a hint of a criminal being linked to 4 murders (serial-killer territory), they should NOT be rejoining the public; they are a danger to the public.

The Atlantic: What happened when Oregon decriminalized hard drugs. A bold reform effort hasn’t gone as planned (understatement of the year). This article is also appearing as a national top news hit in Apple+ news on 7/27/23.

– Oregon Catalyst reports: “In addition to Multnomah County budgeting over $80,000 for crack pipes, crack pipe cleaners, tin foil drug strips and chapstick, the County also purchased booklets teaching drug addicts how to “boof” KATU-TV reports.  Boofing is a way to get high by injecting the drug rectally.”

– Oregon Capital Chronicle: Federal judge: Oregon Senate panel violated Boquist’s free speech rights.

On Oregon Catalyst, originally published here.

– KGW article and video (with a KGW is where it all began): Oregon state senator wins federal First Amendment lawsuit after comments made during 2019 walkout

– From Capital Chatter: Sen. Boquist’s ‘unsavory’ comments deemed protected speech.

– Oregonian: Oregon senator who said ‘hell’s coming to visit you’ wins 1st Amendment case.

Sen. Boquist took his court case to the federal judge because the state judicial system is largely corrupt. The same could be done in the fight against Measure 113. His case sets a precedent for future legal cases as it shows that elected legislators work for the people, and when the government infringes on elected legislators’ jobs (as Sen. Boquist experienced with the 12-hour rule, at the top of page 2), it impacts the rights of the Oregonians who voted for them. This is particularly applicable after the most recent legislative session. Most Republican senators denied quorum to prevent the passage of a child mutilation bill and pedophile protection act, and many returned after a deal was reached. Recently, some of the senators who are impacted by Measure 113 have announced 2024 re-election bids.