Oregon & Vermont Congressmen war over Simpsons

Last week Congressman DeFazio issued a humorous letter to U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez demanding an investigation into why Oregon lost its national bid to become the home to The Simpsons movie premier to Springfield in Vermont. DeFazio featured a picture with him and the Simpsons, saying they visited him in distress after learning Oregon was not chosen.

DeFazio noted: “Oregon has over 363 miles of the most beautiful coastline in America, the Cascade Mountains, and is the grass seed capital of the world. What does Vermont have? Maple syrup.This travesty must not stand. Springfield, Vermont is a town of only nine thousand people, yet this community received over fifteen thousand votes. Unless they passed a law giving cows the right to vote, this smacks of election fraud. It also once again highlights the need for electronic voting with a valid paper trail. Was Diebold in any way with tabulating the results?”

Vermont Congressmen Peter Welch responded, in kind, with a letter to DeFazio quoting Bart Simpson “Don’t have a cow man”. Welch continued with “”This whole thing sounds like a bad case of sour Oregon cherries.” Vermont defended itself saying that Homer favorite breakfast drink is Vermont syrup and that Vermont actually has a nuclear power plant.

Vermont won by netting the most online votes, which was impressive for being smaller population than many of its competitor Springfields.

Added Simpson bonus:
Below is a Homer Simpson crop circle painted next to the famous fertility symbol – the Cerne Abbas giant – in Dorset. It has upset the local pagan folk according to Sky News Video.