Andy Ngo trial: Rioters “excused” for hospitalizing journalist

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

As the photos above show, on different occasions journalist Andy Ngo was attacked, beaten and hospitalized over trying to report on the violence by Antifa and anarchists rioting in Portland.  Under constant death threats, Andy Ngo, left America for safety.

The Post Millennial reports of their colleague, “The jury has reached a verdict in the trial of investigative journalist Andy Ngo v. Rose City Antifa and its alleged affiliated members, in which they found both defendants John Colin Hacker and Elizabeth Renee Richter not liable in the civil case brought against them.Ngo filed a complaint in Portland, Oregon in 2020, claiming assault and other injuries over alleged acts of violence carried out by members of Antifa, which began in 2019. Defandants John Colin Hacker and Elizabeth Renee Richter have been accused by Senior Editor of Post Millennial Andy Ngo of assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, which was argued before a civil jury for more than a week at the Multnomah County Courthouse.  During closing statements, defense lawyer Michelle Burrows told the jurors that not only does she self-identify as both a progressive and an “anti-fascist,” she strongly declared, “I am Antifa” and insisted upon making herself an “I am Antifa” t-shirt, which she said she would wear after the trial. Despite Antifa’s significant recorded history of violence, she told the jury that Antifa’s unfavorable reputation is untrue and depicted the organized militant group as activists fighting for social justice and civil rights. In defense of Antifa, Burrows said, “Resistance in this country has never been peaceful.” Read more here.

Harmeet K. Dhillon of the Center for American Liberty said, “When we started @Liberty_Ctr to stand up for the first amendment and other civil rights of clients who would otherwise have gone unrepresented,’s case was the first one we took. Antifa thugs had repeatedly used violence in Portland to intimidate and silence journalists and ordinary citizens, including Andy. But Andy would NOT be silenced. Though we lost against these two defendants today, we won a settlement with one of the individual defendants, and took the defaults of three of them who failed to show up for court. It is a tremendous honor to stand up for what’s right in court throughout my law career … Andy is an incredibly brave client who persevered for four years when many would have given up, changed their profession, or let the violent thugs win without challenge. We are evaluating the next steps in this case, but hear this: I will not stand by idly while violent criminals seek to silence American journalists, and this is but one stop in a long journey. Thank you to all the people who contributed to Andy’s legal fund, and who made this case possible up to this point. Proud of you, @MrAndyNgo!”

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This is a travesty.

Another rioter who stabbed a different journalist with a knife while he was reporting on the Portland riots, was also given light treatment just a few weeks ago.

The Blaze reports,“An alleged Antifa member who stabbed a black conservative journalist in the back amid 2020 Portland rioting has been given probation in connection with the attack. What are the details? Blake D. Hampe, now 46, was caught on video stabbing Andrew Duncomb, 28, near a federal courthouse just after 2:30 a.m. July 25, 2020, OregonLive reported, citing court documents. Multnomah County Circuit Judge Heidi Moawad late last month said Hampe will remain under her supervision for three years and is banned from possessing weapons or participating in unlawful assemblies or riots during that time, OregonLive said, adding that he may attend lawful demonstrations. Hampe pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree assault under the terms of the deal, the outlet said.Court papers indicate Hampe was convicted of possessing child pornography in federal court in Maine in 2008, OregonLive added.”